Our Studio

An audio playground filled with 1200+ rare and unique working instruments.

Five sound spaces designed to maximize our creative capacity.

Built by RCA-Victor during the 1940s, our recording hall was designed to be an acoustically responsive space with poly-cylindrical rose wood resonators that mimic the acoustic qualities of real instruments.

With an extensive and historically accurate restoration process, we’ve adapted it for our growing needs by adding multiple production rooms, voiceover booths, multifunctional areas, and offices onto the adjacent building. We’ve created a modern work/play space that allows us to do our best work, and enjoy it too.

What We Do

We specialize in audio design and composition for video games, film, installations, and virtual reality.

From constructing custom instruments to creating new forms of musical expression, our productions are driven by our passion to create an individual sound language for each project.

At La Hacienda Creative we consistently explore new realms of music composition and sound design to achieve incredible results. Between crafting sound for complex AR and VR audio experiences, traveling to other countries to learn new musical techniques and styles, and designing and programming custom audio tools from scratch, we have extensive experience with a variety of audio projects. With our custom remodeled and versatile space we are able to approach many of our projects in a holistic manner, accommodating the diverse needs of every project and iterating on concepts at a quick pace.

Who We Are

Our Team

CEO and Creative Director
Brian D'Oliveira
Dana Craig
Composer, sound designer, and Audio Engineer
Christian Graham
Production manager
Willem Burnaby
Sound Designer
Julien Levesque
Sebastian Splinter
Composer & Sound Designer
Marc-André Labelle
Michael Vickerage
Composer & Musician
Brigitte Dajczer
Multi Instrumentalist
Anit Ghosh